Situated near (1.5 km) the beginning of the Red Trail (Kalnica – Smerek – Przełęcz Orłowicza – Krysowa – Bacówka „Jaworzec” – Kalnica), the village of Kalnica makes an excellent starting point for hiking trips, cycling excursions (e.g. to „Sine Wiry” Reserve, which is one of the most popular tourist points in the Bieszczady). The area is worth visiting as you can admire here the picturesque meanders and the gorge of the Wetlinka river Winding between Poloma, Szczyciska and Peresliba, cataracts, the remains of a landslide trough on Poloma and of Emerald Lake. You can also enjoy a walk along the historic trail „Bieszczady Odnalezione” (The Bieszczady Rediscovered) created and marked by the Association for the Development of Wetlina and Its Surroundings, where you can learn about the turbulent history of the region and visit three non-existent villages of Zawoj, Luh and Jaworzec.

Some other popular trekking routes in the neighbourhood are e.g.

  1. The Yellow Trail: Przysłup- Jasło(and further on along the Red Trail)- Okrąglik- Smerek(village).
  2. Along the road to the mountain shelter of Jaworzec and next, following the Black Trail, over Orlowicz Pass to Smerek (mountain peak)
  3. From the car park at Wyznianska Przelecz (Pass) , following the Green Trail to PTTK Bacowka (mountain shelter) at Mala Rawka to the peak of Mala Rawka, and then along Dzial to Wetlina (village).

The village of Kalnica also offers excellent conditions for running, roller skating and cycling trips, along the picturesque and queiet road, situated far from the main road, along the bank of the Wetlinka river.

In the village of Strzebowiska (just 2 kilometres away) you can enjoy horse riding trips organised by experienced local instctructors:

1. Stajnia KULBAKA

Strzebowiska 1, 38-608 Wetlina

tel. Marta: +48 501 38 38 82, Krzysztof: +48 502 38 38 82


strona internetowa:

2. Ośrodek Górskiej Turystyki Jeździeckiej STAJNIA BATIARA

Dorota i Krzysztof Szymala

Strzebowiska 14, 38-608 Wetlina

tel. +48 504 249 784


In Krzywe village:

Carpatica Bieszczadzka Stajnia Rajdowa

38-608 Wetlina, Krzywe 14

tel. +48 603 109 128


In Żubracze village

5. OGTJ „Połoniny” T. Kwiatkowski

38-607 Żubracze 15

tel. +48 502 507 802


In winter you can go skiing at the nearby ski lift (600 meters of length), with three routes: blue, 850m, red, 800m, and black, 650m.

In summer tourists enjoy pebble beaches at the Wetlinka river.

In teh village there is a local shop which offers basic groceries, drinks and household products, and in the village of Smerek (2 kilometres away) you will find a few restaurants offering local dishes..

It is also possible to order breakfast and dinner in the nearby holiday centre, Bogdanka (150 metres away).