Regulations to be obeyed at the Two Horses Guesthouse

Reservations. You may make a reservation by phone or email. In order to accept and confirm a reservation it is required to prepay 30% advance of the estimated cost of stay within 3 days following the date of reservation. In case of resignation from stay, advance is not refundable. Change of reservation dates is possible to earlier dates only, depending of free room availability. Extension of stay is possible depending of free room availability.

Special reservation conditions. Renting a double or triple room during the season is charged for at least 2 people.

Local tax (Gmina Cisna) amounts to 1,60 PLN per day per person.

Arrival. We welcome our Guests from 3 p.m. Those Guests who would like to arrive early are kindly requested to arrange an earlier hour of arrival by phone. Due to the registration regulations we kindly request our Guests to fill in the stay card and provide the full personal data, including the number of an identity card or a passport.. Registration and payment are to be finalized on the day of arrival. The Guests who need an invoice are kindly requested to inform us in advance and provide the data to the invoice.

Departure. We kindly request to make the room accessible for cleaning until 11 a.m. In case of prolongation of stay without earlier confirmation by the Guesthouse owners, the Guests will be charged with the cost of the next night of stay. In case of shortening reservation after arrival we charge entire cost of reserved stay.

Valuable items. We do not take responsibility for the loss or damage of money, stocks, valuables, other items or valuable things (laptops, photo cameras etc.) or items that present scientific or artistic value. Please, do not leave such items in the rooms. We do not have a possibility to store such items either.

Silence at night. There is the night silence from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Please, respect the peace and quiet of other Guests.

Electric appliances. Due to fire protection safety it is forbidden to use in the rooms immersion heaters, irons and other electric appliances that do not belong to the room equipment. It does not apply to chargers and power supply adapters as well as other TV/computer appliances and shavers.

Smoking. In the entire Guesthouse smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking is allowed in close neighborhood of ash trays outside and at the bonfire.

Waste. In the Guesthouse waste is to be segregated. Please follow segregation rules. Rules of using BBQ and bonfire. The Guests use the BBQ and bonfire at their own responsibility. Children may use these devices only under the adults’ supervision. Owners do not take any responsibility for using these devices and the consequences and/or injuries that may result. Possible damages. Our Guests are responsible for damages and devastations. Left belongings. All belongings left in the Guesthouse will be sent back at the Guest’s cost, at a provided address. In case of lack of instructions we will keep the belongings for three months, then we will pass them on the charity, for the public use or we will utilize them.

Breach of Regulations. In case of breaking the Regulations, we may refuse to host a person who breaks the Rules. Such a person is obliged to immediate compliance with the Guesthouse owners requests, particularly to paying for the stay, damages and devastation, as well as to leaving the Guesthouse. Making a reservation confirms acceptation ofRregulations for reservation and stay at the Two Horses Guesthouse.